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Let the conspiracy theories fly! Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden did not announce his VP pick on August 1st. As reported by the New York Post, he will be delaying a week. Why? Here’s five possible reasons:

1- A Decision Has Not Been Made

This is the most far-fetched possibility. The vetting has been going on for months, so an extra week just isn’t necessary. We know the shortlist: Former NSA Susan Rice, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, Florida Rep. Val Demmings and California Sen. Kamala Harris. (No, my friends, Michelle Obama was never on the VP list.) The idea that one more week will let the campaign know who will best help them win Florida and Pennsylvania is very unlikely. The idea that the campaign hasn’t solidified around one of these choices is possible, but not probable. This isn’t the reason for the delay.

2- They Don’t Want To Interrupt The News Cycle

The Biden Team might think that this news cycle is advantageous to them, and they don’t want it to stop just yet. Perhaps they see value in pointing to President Trump’s tweets on delaying the election, which has given cable news untold minutes of hyperventilation. Or maybe they see value in media’s and their own untrue attacks on federal officers as “stormtroopers” who are “kidnapping” American citizens. Or pushing how everything in Portland and Seattle was “peaceful” until law enforcement showed up (tell that to Horace Lorenzo Anderson!) If they think this line of attack is doing damage to Trump, and influencing fence-sitting voters, they may want to let that narrative grow.

3 – Biden Will Not Be The Candidate

Ok, I admit it. I have never thought Joe Biden would be the nominee. I bet my radio producer a steak dinner on it months ago! And, even now, I can’t shake the feeling that this Democratic Party knows that Biden can’t face the rigors of being President. Heck, the party knows Biden can’t face the rigors of a debate with Donald Trump! I get that this is pure speculation on my part, but a delay in announcing could be the way to announcing a whole new ticket come the virtual convention in two weeks.

So who would replace him? I’m not sure, but Michelle Obama has always been on that list.

4- This Is Much Ado About Nothing. Or…

It’s just a delay. What is everyone getting crazy about? Biden, according to the New York Times, said he’d announce his pick the first week of August, which is a change from the Aug. 1 timeline he had previously given. Is that a big deal? It’s just a few days of delay, which isn’t a big deal to many.


He learned something from the Trump playbook: He’s milking it! Teasing the press! Playing with them! Building up the suspense, and putting the news cycle in his hands! Again, possible but not probable.

Why did Biden delay the announcement of his VP pick? Who knows. Unless, of course, we consider a fifth possibility…

5- He Forgot He Was Running For President To Begin With

That is very, very, very possible.