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INDIANAPOLIS–You’ll soon be able to decide who will be the next Attorney General for the state of Indiana. It’s a position that has many responsibilities and one of the candidates says it is important you know them so you are fully informed.

Todd Rokita recently won the Republican nomination for Attorney General.  Rokita told 93 WIBC’s Tony Katz Tuesday morning it is a “wide-ranging office.”

“It’s the state’s top attorney. We’re the attorney, in many respects for the Governor and the General Assembly, but we’re also the attorney for the state. So when issues come up that affect the state, whether it be your right to bear arms, the right to life, religious liberty, even criminal appeals, we’ll take those up to the state and federal court,” says Rokita.

Rokita says consumer protection is an important thing for any attorney general to watch out for.

“It’s so important, especially with scams and other frauds. People are scared of being ripped off. The attorney general has the ability to make sure consumers are properly protected and to have someone fighting in their corner. I’m going to make sure we’re doing well there,” says Rokita.

Rokita says he’s especially passionate about school choice.

“We’re going to fight for school choice. That will be another huge difference between me and the Democrat (Jonathan Weinzapfel) this fall. Your children shouldn’t be chained to a certain school based on your zip code,” says Rokita.

China is also a big problem, according to Rokita.

“Two states have already sued China. We have lost our economic liberty to China. We have to diversify our supply chain. I can help do that. We have to make sure we hold China as accountable as possible. You have to have the credibility to go into court to do that. You have to have the right aggressiveness. You have to have the right temperament. I believe I have all that to make sure we can be successful in getting damages back for what has happened over the last few months (coronavirus pandemic),’ says Rokita.

Rokita, a Republican, served in the U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana’s 4th congressional district from 2011 to 2019. He also served two terms as Indiana Secretary of State from 2002 to 2010.

Rokita will face former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel in November. Democrats sent out a fundraising appeal attacking Rokita’s opposition to the federal health care law, saying Rokita “has spent his political career stripping Americans of their health care and jacking up premiums.”