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INDIANAPOLIS — Another Indy-area school district is delaying the start of the upcoming academic year.

The Board of Education of the MSD of Lawrence Township voted Monday to move the start of school from August 3 to August 13.

The additional time will be used to assure staff comfort with classroom configurations, allow for additional time to develop routines for classrooms and labs, to test internet capacity for virtual learning, and provide additional time for sharing and to review contingency plans, the district said.

Students currently have the option of returning to school for on-site instruction or enrolling in virtual programming.

“Keeping in mind the fluidity of the situation and potential for future changes, I believe the MSD of Lawrence Township will be ready to welcome students to the 2020-2021 school year on August 13,” said superintendent, Dr. Shawn A. Smith.

The full statement from Lawrence Township is available on the district’s website.