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“Has any President been more unjustly vilified than Donald Trump?”

That’s the question posed and answered by columnist and bestselling author Kurt Schlichter in his latest book, The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and you!).

Schlichter fact-filled takedown of some of the media’s most pernicious lies about the president examines:

  • Why liberals cry “racism” at any argument they don’t like—when the real racists of American history have all been the Democrats
  • How Trump “the warmonger” has actually given America a more realistic—and safer—foreign policy than any of his immediate predecessors
  • Why the media refuses to understand the difference between legal and illegal immigrants (here’s a clue: Trump’s mother was a legal immigrant—and so is his wife)
  • Why Trump and his supporters are infinitely more intelligent than a media that have gotten every major story of the Trump presidency wrong
  • Trump’s great virtues (that too many Republicans lack): realism, courage, common sense, and an unapologetic determination to win conservative victories

Schlichter discussed the book with WIBC host Tony Katz Tuesday in the context of the mainstream media’s egregious coverage of President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July speech, which the New York Times characterized as a call for “American Carnage.”

“I’m a trial lawyer, Tony, so I’m kind of a snob about people lying to me,” Schlichter joked, “but these guys [at the New York Times] aren’t even good at it.”

“But I want to thank the New York Times for giving me an in-kind contribution to my marketing plan,” Schlichter added. “I had to write this book a couple months ago and was wondering whether the lies would still be relevant, and there’s the New York Times saying, ‘Here, hold my cosmopolitan. Let’s promote Kurt’s book by doing everything that he talks about in his book.'”

One of the most liberal left’s most popular lies that Schlichter debunks in his book is the assertion that Donald Trump is a racist.

“It’s a little bizarre because before Trump stood up to garbage elite and told them how much they suck, he was the toast of the elite,” noted Schlichter, “And there were photos of Trump which pretty much every single notable, high-profile black American on TV, movies, and the public eye and they were all getting along and everything was fine. Then Donald Trump gets elected President with the express understanding that he’s going to stand up for the people who actually work for a living and, all of a sudden, the mainstream media has to paint him as the second coming of Bull Connor – a Democrat, by the way – like most of the biggest racists in American history.”

Schlichter told Katz that his book is more than an expose and examination of the liberal left’s lies about Donald Trump and his supporters.

“It’s a handbook that gives you the solutions to fight [the narrative],” said Schlichter, noting that the mainstream media relies on the polite nature of middle-Americans to propagate their agenda.

“Midwesterners are nice people who want to believe the best about other people,” explained Schlichter. “So prior to Donald Trump, if someone came up to you and called you a ‘racist,’ you’d probably apologize and wonder what you did wrong and take a personal inventory to correct whatever you did to be branded a racist. [The liberal media and progressives] rely on that.”

The left’s ultimate goal, according to Schlichter, is power and control over you.

“Everything they say and do leads to them getting more power and you getting less,” explained Schlichter. “The whole concept of kneeling, in fact, is a perfect example of that because the purpose is to get you to submit. Don’t submit.”

Despite the left’s seemingly endless assault on the President and his supporters, Schlichter offered an optimistic perspective on how things play out in the end.

“It ends with our victory,” said Schlichter.

He explained: “This is a revolution of young and stupid people who are being allowed to do this and held on a leash by an elite that wants to get power again. But these young and stupid people don’t care. They’re not concerned with getting Nancy Pelosi re-elected; they’re concerned with their own situation. In other words, it’s like riding on the back of a tiger: if the elite fall off of the back of the tiger, the tiger will eat them.”

Emphasizing his point, Schlichter notes that it’s “no coincidence” that liberals are currently eating their own, as is the case with the recent calls to ban the musical “Hamilton” from the Disney+ streaming platform.

“That’s how these young people gain power – by gaining scalps,” said Schlichter. “And if those scalps happen to be Lin-Manuel [Miranda], well that’s just fine; it’s a scalp.”

He continued: “It’s just like knocking over a statue. It doesn’t matter if the statue is of Frederick Douglas – a famous black abolitionist. It’s all about the destruction. It’s all about the power.”

Schlichter said the evidence of a backlash against the liberal agenda is beginning to surface.

“Just look at the data points,” said Schlichter. “You see eight million guns sold in the last few months. You see among people who trust each other that they’re going to vote for Trump again.”

He continued: “Don’t believe the polls because they are designed to depress, demotivate, and demoralize.”

As detailed in’s bio, Schlichter is a popular conservative author, columnist, trial lawyer, retired U.S. Army colonel, and former stand-up comic. He is a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business News, and major radio shows. He lives in the South Bay area of Los Angeles where his hobbies include red meat and red wine.

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