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The U.S. Supreme Court granted a reprieve Tuesday to a Texas inmate’s overdue execution.

Ruben Gutierrez was scheduled for death row four-months ago. Due to the pandemic the execution was put on hold. Six others had also been postponed for the same reason.

Gutierrez was charged for fatally stabbing an 85 year-old woman during an attempted robbery, along with two others, back in 1998. For years Gutierrez has continued to ask for a DNA test to prove his innocence. That demand has been denied.

The reason Gutierrez’s death has been postponed this time is because he believes his religious rights are being violated because he was denied the company of a chaplain in the death chamber.

The Texas prison system banned religious leaders from accompanying inmates after Patrick Murphy, another convict on death row a year prior, had requested a Buddhist adviser to be with him in his final moments. This request resulted in Texas changing its policy to only allow security staff in the room.

Gutierrez’s execution was delayed about an hour before he was scheduled to be executed.

Because of the last-minute timing, many wonder if his attorney was trying to buy his client more time to fight the original charges.

Whatever the reason, the Supreme Court has postponed the execution for now.

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