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Democrats’ uncompromising lust for power and residual rage from their 2016 election loss is on full display through the cruel and immoral exploitation of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden, a man who has dedicated his entire life to public service, is in obvious mental decline. Every interview he gives, every appearance he makes is a betrayal of that legacy.

As it stands today, the general public’s perception of Joe Biden is of a man who is quick to anger, frequently lost in his thoughts mid-sentence, and barely lucid at times.

Consider some of the more infamous so-called ‘Biden gaffes’ that have occurred on the campaign trail. This is a man who is frequently unable to complete his thoughts mid-sentence. He forgets where he is, challenges voters to push-up contests, tells people of color they’re “not black,” and recounts tales of children rubbing his hairy legs and bouncing on his lap.

These incidents – humorous at times and easy to mock – represent much more than mere political gaffes. These are the early warning signs that are indicative of a man who in obvious mental decline.  If it were any other man but Joe Biden they would take away his car keys and throw a GPS monitor on his wrist.

Why isn’t anyone close to this man protecting his dignity? Why would his family allow him to be humiliated like this on the global stage? Are they in denial?

Family can be forgiven their unwillingness to accept the truth, but even Biden’s most ardent supporters must surely recognize the mental and physical exhaustion that accompanies a campaign for president are taking a toll on their candidate.

Perhaps they do, but no matter. The opportunity for Democrats to potentially seize the White House is a political prize for which they are willing to pay any price – even if it comes at the cost of Joe Biden’s dignity. It is unconscionable. It is immoral. It is cruel.

Biden’s family and campaign team would be charged with elder abuse under normal circumstances, but this is Washington politics where anything goes and the ends always justify the means.

This is political opportunism in its ugliest form and it truly makes me sick to my stomach.

What a horrific humiliation for a 77-year-old man who dedicated 44 of those years to public service.

The Chicks on the Right offer additional commentary in the clip below.

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