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Peaceful protests gave way to violence over the weekend as angry rioters brought chaos and destruction to multiple cities across the nation.

An untold number of local businesses in downtown Indianapolis – many of them minority-owned – were looted and destroyed Friday and Saturday night resulting in millions of dollars worth of damages.

Opportunistic politicians and national media outlets aligned their narrative with the protesters and showed little compassion for business owners and residents affected by the violence.

WIBC’s Tony Katz did not mince words Monday morning in drawing a distinction between ‘protesters’ and ‘rioters.’

We all agree that what happened to George Floyd was unacceptable, and if Mayor Hogsett was interested in leadership and setting a higher standard, he and [IMPD Chief] Randall Taylor would be announcing changes right now. 

“Then you take a look at these rioters; these rioters are not all black. There were white and black people engaged in the violence and looting in every city where this took place.

“And it is a diseased mind and thought process that makes you think that rioting gives you some kind of value. Rioting does not give you value; rioting should give you a rubber bullet to the chest!

“Oh, I’m sorry, is that too violent? That’s too violent to stop the people who are destroying the downtown in my city? Okay, you and I have a very different opinion on how these things should be handled.”

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Photo: Thinkstock: Evgeny-Prozhyrko