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Researchers at the Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine have reportedly developed what will probably go down as the coolest face mask in the history of mankind.

Okay, so maybe it will go down as the SECOND most amazingly cool mask in the history of mankind.

Whoops! We mean ‘peoplekind.’ Sorry about that, pronoun-triggered snowflakes. Also, not sorry at all.

Anyway, this mask that super-genius researchers developed at Indiana University’s School of Medicine is apparently ELECTRIFIED and capable of killing the Coronavirus on contact! It’s like a bug-zapper for your face, but instead of killing mosquitos, you’re killing deadly COVID-19 viruses that TOTALLY didn’t originate in Wuhan, China (hint, hint, wink, wink).

Here’s how it works, according to the folks at Interesting Engineering:

Called “electroceutical” fabric, the new design involves a unique matrix of embedded microcell batteries capable of creating an electric field, and wirelessly generate low-level electricity where moisture is present.

Viruses may be electrically charged. Coronaviruses use electrostatic interactions when they attach to host cells, and subsequently self-assemble into an infective form.

However, they need to keep a stable structure to spread the infection. And IU researchers worked to exploit this electrokinetic vulnerability — in a bid to dismantle coronaviruses’ ability to infect.

So, if these are approved for consumers and they actually work, does that mean that President Trump will finally don a mask?

Trump stares into sun

Guess not.

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