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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman has been charged for the stabbing deaths of two people earlier this month.

On May 11, Kristen Wolf went into an apartment at the Carriage House West Apartments complex on the city’s northwest side, and stabbed people inside. 24-year-old Victoria Cook was pronounced dead at the scene. 28-year-old Dylan Dickover died at a hospital. A third person, Elizabeth McKugh, was seriously injured.

Wolf faces two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of attempted battery by means of a deadly weapon.

According to court documents that were released Friday, a witness told police Wolf was “wearing some kind of uniform with black tactical style pants and a shirt with patches on it.” Her face was also covered, allowing only her eyes to be seen.

However, during the attack, Wolf’s hat fell off, which had a patch with “Indiana Department of Corrections” and “Wolf” written on a tag. Investigators were able to contact the IDOC and confirm that Wolf had previously worked at the Madison Correctional Facility.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said that helped them get a lead in the investigation.

When investigators searched Wolf’s residence, they found numerous knives and uniforms, and other evidence.

“Including some disturbing writings, which outlined her thoughts on, maybe, her desire to commit murder,” Mears said.

Mears says they also learned another key piece of information that helped piece together the case. Wolf’s boyfriend at the time had a previous relationship with one of the victims.

“And he trained the defendant on how to kill people with a knife and how to slit someone’s throat,” Mears said. “In this case, the scene and the evidence very much matches the description of this person’s teachings.”

“Even with these very strange set of facts, and it’s a bizarre circumstance, we want to remind everyone that two people did lose their lives and one person was very seriously injured.”

Mears says this case is another example that shows violence is on the rise once again in Indianapolis, as the pandemic continues.

“Especially the number of aggravated assaults that we’ve had,” he said. “And homicides that are from the result of blunt force trauma or stabbings…those numbers have definitely increased compared to what we’ve seen in the past.”

He says it’s the fact that everyone is still in close proximity to one another, and have had to stay home and be restricted on where they can go.

“Because of that, there are disagreements between, unfortunately, people who are not equipped to resolve differences without resorting to violence,” he said.

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