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Since we’re all staying home and keeping our hands and sneezes to ourselves, there’s been exponentially less travel on our interstates. That’s allowed the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) a chance to knock out a major road project ahead of schedule, and they’re going for it.  That I-70 closure that was supposed to happen this summer? Well prepare yourself. This thing is kicking in next week, and the eastbound lanes are first up.

Eastbound I-70 Closes on the East Side

Beginning this Monday, April 13th, ALL LANES and RAMPS of eastbound I-70 will CLOSE from the North Split to I-465. The project is scheduled to wrap up on Wednesday, May 13th, providing the weather cooperates.

Feast your eyes:

Eastbound I-70

Again, these are the eastbound lanes only; we’ll get to the westbound lanes in just a sec.

If you check the map above, you’ll notice access lanes to eastbound I-70 from southbound I-65 and northbound I-65/70 will also close, and logically so. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to merge earlier out of these lanes, which gives you a better chance of staying out of trouble.

Detours? Here they are:

  • From the Airport: Take eastbound I-70 to southbound I-465, then loop all the way around and back to eastbound I-70.
  • From Downtown to Greenfield: Take southbound I-65/70 to eastbound I-465, then loop around to eastbound I-70. OR hop on Washington St./U.S. 40 at some point.
  • From Greenfield to Downtown: Take westbound I-70 to southbound I-465. Loop around to northbound I-65 into downtown. OR hop on U.S. 40/Washington St. at some point.
  • From Greenfield to the Airport: Take westbound I-70 to southbound I-465, then loop all the way around to westbound I-70.

Other ideas for a reroute, like on the city streets? Hit us up @WIBCTraffic.

Westbound I-70 Closes on the East Side

Wait, there’s more!

Beginning Thursday, April 23rd, ALL LANES and RAMPS of westbound I-70 will CLOSE from I-465 to the North Split. Weather permitting (again), the project is scheduled to end Saturday, May 23rd.

Westbound Closure

We’ll talk associated ramp closures when they’re announced, but they’ll likely include a reroute from westbound I-70 (say from Post Rd.) to I-465, along with ramp closures from I-465 in both directions to westbound I-70.

Now the kicker.

Closures to Overlap

For twenty days, or from April 23rd to May 13th, BOTH directions of I-70 will be closed from the North Split to I-465 at the same time, including all ramps, since both eastbound and westbound projects will be ongoing at the same time.

This stretch of interstate will be completely unusable.

I-70 Overlap

Check back for reroutes and additional information once the overlap dates are a little closer.

So What’s Happening Here?

Wholesale closures are rough, sure, but traffic is currently at unprecedented low levels for Indianapolis and the surrounding area. According to INDOT, we’re down roughly 40-percent in the area on weekdays, and roughly 50-percent on the weekend.

So why not take a crack at it while the roads are light on cars?

Apparently, INDOT feels the same way. On Tuesday, Commissioner Joe McGuinness said that Indiana is getting a “head start” on its construction season, which includes the I-70 project.

It makes sense. It’s logical. Per our conversations at @WIBCTraffic, many of you want the same thing.

So done and done. Let’s work the roads.

Please be safe. Yell with questions.


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