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#Boycott3m began trending Thursday night after the head of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management publically accused U.S. mask manufacturer 3M of shipping critical protective equipment to foreign countries who outbid U.S. buyers.

“For the last several weeks, we have had a boiler room chasing down 3M authorized distributors [and] brokers representing that they sell the N95 masks, only get to warehouses that are completely empty,” Jared Moskowitz told Fox News host Tucker Carlson in an exclusive interview. “[We are] being told that our shipments are on cargo planes and the flights don’t even appear. We are chasing ghosts. I just decided to turn up the heat and tell people what is actually happening in the N95 mask space.”

The revelations against 3M come at a time when hospitals and state officials are struggling with a critical shortage of N95 protective masks for healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

“For the last several weeks, we have had a boiler room chasing down 3M authorized distributors [and] brokers representing that they sell the N95 masks, only get to warehouses that are completely empty,” Moskowitz said. “[We are] being told that our shipments are on cargo planes and the flights don’t even appear. We are chasing ghosts. I just decided to turn up the heat and tell people what is actually happening in the N95 mask space.”

#Boycott3M: Is Capitalism to Blame?

As #Boycott3M began trending on Twitter Thursday night, left-wing commentators and pro-socialist users were quick to condemn conservatives and gleefully tout “the inherent failures of Capitalism.”

Is the criticism warranted? Are conservatives hypocrites? Not according to WIBC host Tony Katz.

Katz explained Friday morning that yes, you can support capitalism and still demand that American companies prioritize the health and welfare of American citizens over foreign countries.


“There is an unwritten rule that you have to take care of the nation you are in first. There are certainly moments when you have to make that recognition. I actually think that moment is 24/7, 365. And I think you can be a person and a company who does that and still play on a global scene in a capitalist system. 

“It is important to note that some cultures are awful and horrific. Yes, it is important to note that some cultures are better than other cultures. It is also important to note that when you talk about your responsibilities as an American or an American company, you do indeed have a responsibility to your nation first.”

Click below to hear Tony’s full commentary, and then shove it in the face of the pro-socialist users on Twitter.

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