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WASHINGTON, D.C.–If you work for a small business, you’ve likely already experienced some of the effects of the work to stop the spread of coronavirus. Sen. Todd Young says Congress is working on a bill to help small businesses, specifically, and the goal is to get money “out of the door” as soon as possible.

“We’ve already got a package that will soon be before us for emergency food aid, free virus testing and sick pay, something important to a loot of people,” said Young, on the Hammer and Nigel Show on WIBC. “We’re gonna begin work on yet another piece of legislation to steady the economy and that will be focused specifically on small business. We know that’s where most of the jobs are created and where most of the anxiety is and some of these folks can’t ride out the storm.”

Young said he believes the package that’s already been negotiated between the U.S. House and the Trump administration is weak on how money will get into the hands of people who need it.

“We’re already hearing from small business people, look the most important thing is get something out the door. Reassure the markets. Reassure our customers. Reassure our workers.”

Young said he is prepared to vote for something that is “less than perfect”, a trade-off to get money into peoples’ hands quickly, for that reassurance.

“We’re gonna make sure that people have enough to eat. We’re gonna make sure that people have the basic income to meet their daily expenses. We’re gonna make sure that we get the health infrastructure in place so that people can be tested,” he said.

Young said time is of the essence, so people don’t see their 401Ks go down and panic sets in more permanently.

The Guard and Indiana

Young said he has not seen where the president is prepared to order any nation-wide lock down or forced quarantines by the federal government. He said the president is acting on the advice of the CDC and other public health authorities.

But, he did say he’s spoken to Gov. Holcomb about what role the Indiana National Guard might play. They have been activated.

“Things like field tents, if we need some additional facilities to cordon off individuals for testing, ambulance, they’ve got a lot of trained medical personnel,” he said. “And they can take the burden off of other public safety officials. Traffic enforcement. The National Guard can play a very constructive role on that front.”

Young said he believes things will get worse before they get better, but he believes it’s the job of the federal government to help get Hoosiers what they need for when it does get worse.