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WASHINGTON– The Trump administration says it will extend its current travel ban to include the UK and Ireland beginning next week, and President Donald Trump announced he had taken a coronavirus test.

The President says he was tested Friday night and also had his temperature taken Saturday before entering the briefing room. Trump said his temperature was normal.

When asked when he would announce the results, he said that the test was sent to a lab and could take a day or two.

The same exclusions to travel from many European countries apply that are a part of the other European travel restrictions.

The White House doctor also took the temperature of the task force members before the group’s meeting today, an official said.

During the briefing with the task force, Vice President Mike Pence announced all travel from the United Kingdom and Ireland has been suspended, effective midnight on Monday. The same exclusions that are a part of the already existing European travel restrictions will also apply to the UK and Ireland.