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DETROIT — Former Vice President Joe Biden is advancing his lead for the Democratic nomination.

The former vice president is projected as the winner of primaries in Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, and Mississippi.

Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield says after winning several states in the latest primaries, the campaign is focused on boosting momentum.  Bedingfield says he did tremendously well with African Americans voters but also built on his coalition with voters in the suburbs in Michigan and college-educated voters in Missouri.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leads in the North Dakota caucuses and is an eyelash ahead of Biden in Washington where votes are still being counted.

Bedingfield believes voters are supporting Biden because he has the character and the empathy to be President. As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads, the Biden campaign is also focused on keeping the candidate and staff safe.

Bedingfield says they are following guidelines and recommendations from public safety officials and canceled an event in Ohio because the Governor asked the public to not hold large events.

Sanders, who is second in the polls behind Biden, is still planning to take part in Sunday’s Democratic primary debate.  The Vermont Senator’s national press secretary tweeted she’s “excited” about the upcoming event between her boss and Joe Biden.

Briahna Joy Gray said “America finally gets to see Biden defend his ideas, or lack thereof, on Sunday.”