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INDIANAPOLIS–If you’ve been watching the debates and don’t believe the moderators or media have been properly scrutinizing the Democrat candidates for president, there may be a reason for that which is not what some people consider media bias toward the Democrat candidates.

“I think part of the challenge in criticizing the Democrats, there are so many candidates still at this point,” said Dr. Laura Wilson, professor of Political Science, at the University of Indianapolis. “Once we’ve had that nominee, I think by the time we get to summer it’s very clear, of course Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate, we’ll know who the Democrat candidate is. They’re gonna undergo a lot more scrutiny.”

Wilson, a guest on the Hammer and Nigel Show on WIBC, said she believes it’s the responsibility of media to help people understand who and what they are voting for, but it’s also the responsibility of the voters.

“At this point I will give the benefit of the doubt, because I’m an optimist, that there are just so many people, so many issues that they (media) haven’t been able to be as scrutinizing as they will be once we have that single nominee.”

Wilson said she also does not like to refer to “the media” as a monolith, as if they were all the same person or all in agreement with one another with a singular agenda.

“We’re all different individuals, different stations, different producers.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has been noted for his seeming dislike for Sen. Bernie Sanders ideals.

When asked if she believes former president Obama would endorse any one of the Democrat candidates, Wilson said she believes Obama will hold off.

“I’m sure he has friendships and partnerships with many of them. But, I think he will hold off.”