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INDIANAPOLIS — Are you still rushing around, trying to find something for your special someone this Valentine’s Day?

Chocolates, flowers or a massage might be a nice thought, but Dr. Amanda Miller, a sociology professor from the University of Indianapolis, says there is one true key to a healthy relationship. 

“Communication,” she said. “Communication is by far one of the most important elements for relationship satisfaction.”

Based on a study she conducted, Miller says simply talking to your significant other can go a long way, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to sit down and discuss the successes of your relationship. 

“Ask three questions,” she said. “What are we most proud of that we accomplished last year? What do we want to accomplish together this year? And where do we see ourselves in five years?”

Another element to using communication as a gift for Valentine’s Day is to talk about what you want and need from the other person. 

“Make sure you are very specific about what it is you need from them, and that your expectations can match up with reality,” Miller said. 

Miller’s study also found that doing chores for one another, like doing the dishes, brings happiness in a relationship. That’s just one way you can spend time together as a couple, which is also a great, simple gift for Valentine’s Day, she says. 

(PHOTO: Getty/Ron Henbury)