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Photo Courtesy: Rob Kim / Getty Images

Even a cursory review of headlines across the news world quickly demonstrates just how deranged and lost the Left is—that is to say their media organs, bought politicians and of course the loons in academia—with regard to absolutely everything Trump.

MSNBC’s Mika (sorry, I just can’t chance trying to spell that last name) loony toons like Don Lemon (“full employment without full respect, whatever that one is supposed to mean), the gaggle of basketball players who profess to know all about the president’s racist views, and of course the psycho-babel of Maxine Waters, only serve to show us what we already knew anyway.  We knew they were deranged by their blind and senseless hatred, but it becomes clear that they are also granted lifetime immunity from the facts as well.

There was a Breitbart piece today responding to some of the moronic prattle from the NBA’s soon to be greats, pointing out that persons of color have been the recipients of some of the President’s bolder moves, including sentence commutations, freedom from foreign incarcerations, and rescue of many persons of color from foreign imprisonment.  These apparently make no difference to Mika the Ditz, et al, as they steadfastly refuse to see reality.  Must be a great gig, living free of facts and in a psycho-scrambled world where all that counts is their rabid hatred, their skin color, and their pretty faces. 

Where do we take this series of nonsensical phenomena?  The leftist media are so afflicted by this derangement syndrome that they can never escape for a moment of sanity.  It would probably make their mushy heads explode.  Neither can they countenance even for a moment the application of their own publically extolled virtues of “free speech” and “freedom of the people peacefully to assemble” to everything conservative, almost everything Republican, and absolutely everything Trump.

Let’s just take a quick look at Don Lemon’s empty-headed prattle totally discounting the biggest boom in black employment in American history; while his brothers and sisters of color enjoy the best employment ever, he is unimpressed because apparently he fails to “feel” the love of “full respect.”  Humbly I beseech you, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??  I thought work was a birthright, respect a thing earned with that work and on the basis of contribution by each person.

I shan’t go on and on and on. . .my leftists appear to have a corner on that market at this and all prior points.  Let’s just look objectively at the reality of America’s successes and failures, her stature among the world community but more, among her own precious citizens.   We are back to work after 8 years of job killing assassinations of American small businesses at the hands of their worst enemy in history, Barack Hussein Obama.  Those who deny it only align themselves with his Marxist loathing for private enterprise and individual achievement that accompanies the free market. 

Truth be told—and truth is in short supply among the MSNBC love birds and their fellow travelers across the media world—for all his crassness, quick temper, and other social foibles, Donald Trump has unleashed the unstoppable and furious capacity of the American dream.  Best stand back before your derangement and your factual immunity get you trampled by a stampede of American success.