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It comes as no surprise that the loony tunes on the Left would react as they are regarding this whole child separation  thing; arm waving, penetrating gazes and hurled insults that, as the Bard would say, “signify nothing.”   But this one takes the cake.  As Tucker Carlson pointed out last night by just playing back for his audience a whole array of their top dopes, this time more unhinged, more rabid and more insane than ever before in my experience of gagging down their spew.

Carlson asked repeatedly of his wacked out guests what the hell had happened to them; the whole business of separating illegals from their parents upon apprehension was hardly a cosmic news flash, having been practiced by the Obama administration well before Trump ever decided to run for office in the first place.  But of course that was different, ordered at the hand of the Chosen One, the Dear Leader.  In point of fact the practice, never the subject of the least whimper of an objection by these same nitwits, has only improved in process and result for those children.

Then there is that inconvenient little factoid that these wizards are omitting (a shock I am sure to your senses), that the vast majority of these kids arrive at our border UNACCOMPANIED!  No, not a misprint but a huge and media-obscured reality.  They parents have sent them on the grueling trek across Mexico from Central American countries, during which journey they then face lack of water, food, shelter, and safety from that horde of thugs that infests this whole dirty story.  That means rape, assault, degradation and murder.  Nobody recites the bodies that mark that horrid Mexican death march.  Puts the Japanese to shame.

And what about those “cages” they love to screech about?  Turns out the “cages” are chain link temporary places where the children (more on that children thing in a moment) are held when they first get to the processing facility and before they are promptly placed in dormitories of bright colors, clean beds, modern facilities and daily attention from teachers, medical personnel.  Their problems are tough and many, but separation from parents who exposed them to such harm as Mexico’s terrain and population of thieves and rapists is way down the list.  To be sure there are moments of pain when they are separated, and no one can gainsay that it is traumatic, but no more so than children across the country experience when they parents are arrested for crimes and locked up. 

By the way, the children are not all rosy cheeked toddlers; tons of them are old enough to get a job under American labor regulations.  Then there is this regarding that population being detained; they live in an environment free of privations like disease, starvation and dehydration.  The facilities are palatial beyond their capacity to comprehend.  After they are first introduced to flush toilets, running water and hot food, and after they sleep a night or two in a clean fresh bed without fear of molestation and other ravages of life in Mexico and beyond, all for the first time in their lives.

So what’s the deal?  Those who implement these horrible miracles are Nazis, called Hitler by high- pitched screeching voices and wildly contorted faces.  Mika Brzezinski, once a beautiful young woman when she made her first foray into television, has transformed herself into a twisted faced, contorted cockeyed tragic cartoon of her former self.  And I am certain that destruction goes all the way through. 

Such are the wages of bowing to those heathen bastards on the left who, long ago having discarded any tiny remainder of faith and discernment, honesty and at last, intellect; broken and vicious “hounds of hell” who make profit from lies and depraved views of this grand republic we ordinary folk strive to save.  Strange times for sure.  And so tragic for the march of ordered liberty.