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Photo Credit-Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Brett Kavanaugh was announced last night as Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. The immediate reaction varied depending on whether you are conservative or liberal. Dr. Laura Wilson joins Hammer and Nigel to discuss how each side of the political aisle is viewing the nominee.

“This is a blessing for [the left] in terms of how it could have gone. Kavanaugh is conservative but he’s pragmatic… There are people in the Republican side who think he’s not conservative enough. One of the things the Democrats will be looking at is will he be the swing vote, or more likely is he going to side with the Republicans.” 

Dr. Wilson says the nomination process is going to be the big question mark. The Republicans currently have a 51-49 seat advantage in the senate, but GOP Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins are not definite “yes” vote. Democratic senators Donnelly and Manchin are also on the hot seat and have difficult decisions on whether to vote to confirm Kavanaugh or not.