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INDIANAPOLIS — Police say it took nearly 24 hours to arrest a registered sex offender caught on camera naked and committing a lewd act on his neighbor’s porch because they wanted to do it right, to make sure he wasn’t let back out onto the streets.

Emily Williams’ doorbell camera captured the video. 

“I like to leave my blinds closed so if there’s any motion… I can just look out my camera,” said Williams.

The man on that video turned out to be her neighbor, Dana Hannan. He was arrested for breaking and entering, public indecency and activity related to obscene performance.

“Initially I wasn’t going to report it because I was afraid of retaliation,” said Williams.

Hannan was on probation at the time of his arrest for his previous convictions of possessing child pornography.

Captain Allan Shrum heads up the sex offender registry for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office says the reason it took so long to arrest Hannan, was because they had to file the paperwork to make sure he couldn’t be released right away.

“We had to file a warrant to get him arrested because we didn’t catch him in the act over there,” said Shrum.

Shrum says their department also monitors registered sex offenders like Hannan and keep tabs on where they are and what they’re doing once they’re out on probation.

Shrum says the biggest misconception he sees is that sex offenders can’t live within a thousand feet of a school, that rule is reserved for only certain types of sexual offenses.

“The biggest one is probably an offender against children or a sexual violent predator,” said Shrum.

And he says Hannan wasn’t considered, legally, to be either of those things.

“They can be at the school or on school grounds or near a school, they just can’t live next to a school,” said Shrum.

Upon release, sex offenders have seven days to register with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. And anytime they move, get a new license or buy a new car they have to inform the sheriff’s office about it.

“Sexually violent predators we check every 30 days and then offender against children and sex offenders we check every 90 days.”

You can also keep tabs on who lives in your neighborhood using the online offender watch program website. Just register your address and the sheriff’s office will send you updates anytime a sex offender moves in nearby.