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Indianapolis was recently named the 10th most violent city in America, and that’s not exactly a title that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Perhaps that’s prompted you to begin looking for the best home security. We’re sure you’ve considered a traditional alarm system, but what about a pet pig?

The owners of “Dumplin,” a pet pig in Indianapolis, Indiana, say he might have scared off burglars attempting to rob his family’s home.

Police believe that the thieves gave up on the heist when they came upon “Dumplin” in the house after breaking in through the back door.

“They completely damaged my door. The entire door is ruined,” the anonymous homeowner told media outlets.

The burglars had kicked their way inside, shattering glass in the process. Although the door is now boarded up, nothing was stolen from the home.

In today’s edition of “Is This Anything,” Hammer and Nigel discuss the heroic “Dumplin,” our hero Hoosier hammy.

Plus, Brookstone stores have filed for bankruptcy, a WWE wrestler was just elected mayor, and Apple is now a trillion dollar company.

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