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(Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Democrat and liberal voter Brandon Straka recently decided to walk away from the political party he’d been associated with for the duration of his adult life. In the process, he started a nationwide movement.

#walkaway movement has helped thousands of disillusioned Democrats regain their own voices and push back against “oppression” and incivility from the Left, according to Straka. 

The now former Democrat called The Chicks on the Right Monday to talk about his journey and some “big things” he has in store as the 2018 mid-terms approach.

“Every night I would get into bed and just start doing tons of research and I slowly came to realize that because I was only listening to the liberal narrative, I was blind to the fact that they were blatantly lying – and lying about SO MUCH.

It was mind blowing to me and it was when for the first time I became open to hearing the conservative point of view.”

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