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INDIANAPOLIS–Some parents have to make a tough choice: diapers or formula for the baby. Which one do you buy if you can’t afford both? The Villages of Indiana hopes to help answer that question by making sure Hoosier families get diapers.

Today is Diaper Day, and you can donate diapers by going to Look for the diaper icon. Donations are tax deductible.

“Diapers are the one thing that they really can’t go a lot of other places to get support with,” said Nancy Gwin, with The Villages. “There’s food banks in a lot of communities. There’s places that provide clothing and other baby items. Nut, the one commodity that they really struggle with is getting diapers.”

She said some families can spend up to $35 per week on diapers for one baby, or toddler.

“A lot of times families are left with that choice of getting formula or food, or the clothes their baby needs, or getting diapers.”

“If it was your own kids or your grandkids, think of it if it was them in someone else’s shoes. It would help them more than anything, too. Basically put kids first,” said Amanda Soller, a mom who benefitted from last year’s Diaper Day.

David Eskew is also a parent.

“Having to buy diapers all the time, it’s kind of hard to buy clothes or shoes or anything else the kids need-medicine,” he said.

About the diaper gap and need

  • The Villages’ statewide team serves 3,000 children and families each day. 
  • Nearly 1,100 of these children are in need of diapers, which are difficult to fund for thousands of Hoosier families without compromising other vital needs such as food and medical care. 
  • Depending on the brand, a family can spend up to $35 per week on diapers (Pampers brand online) for a baby or toddler. 
  • According to, an eight-pound newborn will go through 70 diapers per week during the first three months of life. 

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