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WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Leland Vittert of FOX News about President Trump’s beef with Bloomberg News, and Meghan McCain’s eulogy for her father, the late Sen. John McCain.

Trump blasted Bloomberg News for leaking an off-the-record conversation about Canada and trade deals. Bloomberg denies the leak, and Vittert asked if this was just a gimmick from the President given that he, “…loves to pick a fight with the media…which works awfully well with the President’s base?

Tony responded that the President is not picking a fight, but he is putting a voice to how many Americans feel about the media:

Millions of America have felt that the press has not been honest in conversations; has been misrepresenting, has been attacking, has been calculating in how they do things to under-represent large swaths of America. President Trump is giving it a voice, a voice that millions of Americans have been voicing themselves. He’s just louder and better at it.

Then Vittert asked Tony about the eulogy of Meghan McCain speaks at her father's funeral. Screen Shot from FoxNews.comMeghan McCain for her father, late Senator John McCain. In it, McCain made several jabs at President Trump, including the statement that, “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

The eulogy caused a lot of stir in social media.


If you want me to somehow slam a mourning daughter, I’m not doing that.


My hope for her is that she does not regret what she said going down the road. She clearly loves her father. (I)f the purpose is to remember the legacy of Sen. John McCain…if you go to your social media feed, everyone is talking about this eulogy and about the slam on Preisdent Trump…and their not talking about the legacy of John McCain.

So if the mission was the legacy? Right now, that’s not what got done. That mission was not successful.

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