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GREENWOOD, Ind.--27 more people have been charged in a fight that happened at Sikh temple in Greenwood back on April 15th. 

The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office charged 18 people back in July, bringing the new total to 45. 

Some members of the congregation described the fight as a “hostile takeover” that ended with a new group of people in power.  

The police identified the additional 27 people by looking through surveillance videos, cell phone video, and audio recordings. 

The initial 18 were charged with disorderly conduct, but two of them were also charged with battery resulting in bodily injury because they used mace and a board with nails in it during the fight. 

All those injured in the fight were treated and released from local hospitals.

The prosecutor says those charged in the fight could face up to a year in jail plus up to a $1,000 fine.