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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Some parents in Noblesville are criticizing the state’s recent school safety report, saying it doesn’t do enough to address the problem.

The group “Noblesville Stands Together” was formed after the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School back in May.

The Governor’s office released a report last month that focused on mental health, school security and sensible gun reform. But parents with the Noblesville group say the report does not go far enough to address access to guns.

“Obviously the gun debate is polarizing and toxic and people don’t want to confront it, so our hope was to urge the governor to think big and be bold and recognize that we cannot afford to kind of side-step this issue anymore,” said Steve Rogers. Rogers is part of the “Noblesville Stands Together Group.”

Nathan Lambert is also a member of that group. 

“One-third of the major issues that pertain to school shootings was completely not addressed. It was punted. They whiffed on it completely,” Lambert said. 

A school safety referendum, approved by the school board back in July, will be on the November ballot in Noblesville.

If it passes, the extra funding would help pay for additional staff including a full-time safety director, mental health coordinator and more school resource officers.