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INDIANAPOLIS–Gov. Eric Holcomb now describes himself as “open-minded” on whether he will support medical marijuana in Indiana next year. He had previously said he believed marijuana is a gateway drug, that could lead to use of harder drugs.

“Where I think it could be helpful, with patients who are going through chemotherapy, etc. I’m open-minded about it,” said Holcomb, on the Hammer and Nigel Show on WIBC. “The Dept. of Justice says it’s a crime to grow marijuana. They’re looking the other way.”

That’s where Holcomb’s problem with it come from. He said it doesn’t make sense for the state to have legal pot, even for medical use, when it’s still illegal federally.

“We need proper approval and we shouldn’t be one-offing and say we’ll look the other way on this front.”

Holcomb pointed to states that have legal medical marijuana, but whose businesses can’t put the money in the bank.

“Banks can’t accept the revenue made from marijuana production. It’s not legal for them. What kind of system is that? What kind of system is it that you’ve got to have a personal security guard following you around because you’ve got to put your cash in a jar or in a safe at home and you don’t feel safe walking from your business to your car and from your car to your house?”

Holcomb said medical pot is not on his agenda for next year. However, several lawmakers have discussed bringing it up and writing bills to make it legal.

A study committee plans to look at the possibilities in October.