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If there’s one thing liberals hate more than anything in the world, it’s fake news, fake facts, and false statements rated as “fake” by fake fact-checking organizations who only consider things ‘fake’ if they’re written by “fake fact loving” conservatives who traffic in what totally-biased liberals determine to be fake news.

In fact, the only thing liberals hate more than that are conservatives who whine about fake news, fake facts, and false statements put forth by “fake fact-loving” democrats who traffic in fake news to further a distorted and perverse political agenda in an effort to destroy a legitimately-elected President who is systematically dismantling the ‘legacy’ of former fake fact spewing President Barack Obama.

So what’s a poor free speech, freedom-loving democrat suffering from Trump derangement syndrome to do? Engage in blatantly-biased, politically-motivated censorship, of course!

WIBC hosts The Chicks on the Right – no strangers to censorship assaults on their brand from butt-hurt, left-leaning, sexist morons and social media platforms – saw the liberal fetish for speech suppression up close and personal this week, after they received a spanking from Facebook on Thursday – and NOT the good kind. 

What happened? Click the link below to find out: