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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind.–The Humane Society of Hamilton County needs people to come forward an adopt animals from their shelter after they took in 19 animals from an extreme hoarding case this week. 

19 dogs and cats got to the shelter in “deplorable” condition. 

Megan Gonterman, Director of Operations at the Humane Society of Hamilton County, says the shelter was already at capacity, but the staff still felt the need to take the animals in and help them find the right home. 

“What I love about our staff and what’s great is that even though these animals are coming in – in rough shape, and it means extra work for all of us, this is what we do,” said Gonterman. “We love to help the voiceless. We love to make sure that animals are getting their second chance and this is why we’re here. So, we are happy that they’re with us, happy that they’re in our care and extremely happy that we’re putting them onto their second chance at life.” 

All 19 of the rescued animals had fleas, ticks, and even feces matted to them. One puppy even had to have emergency surgery because he was unable to stand or hold up his head. 

The Humane Society also posted the following to their Facebook page: 

There is always another hoarding case. There is always another hit-by-car injury. The only way we can continue to provide life saving care to these animals is through your support of the Survivor Program and the Survivor Charity Walk. 

That Woofstock Survivor Charity Walk is October 6 at 11:30 am. It will help raise awareness and money for the Survivor Program, which provides emergency and life-saving care to the animals. 

You can find more information about the walk here. 


(PHOTO: Humane Society of Hamilton County)