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Democrat Joe Donnelly, who God-willing will be looking for a new job post-midterms, is a ‘no’ vote on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

Donnelly, a genuinely nice guy with obnoxiously poor judgement, said he was opposing the nomination after considering the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. 

Yes, it’s apparent that Democrats are horrified at the assumption of Kavanaugh’s innocence without a full investigation; however, the decision to destroy the judge’s career and pledge unwavering opposition to his nomination regardless the outcome of the FBI’s inquiry and verification or discrediting of the Ford allegations is A-okay with big Joe. 

“As I have made clear before, sexual assault has no place in our society,” Donnelly said in a statement released Friday. “When it does occur, we should listen to the survivors and work to ensure it never happens again.”

Well, there you have it! Champion thinker Joe Donnelly just saved the FBI a whole lot of time and hassle.

This week’s abundant displays of “liberal logic” – humanity’s most devastating and serious plague –  have been most impressive indeed. 

Why the blatant hypocrisy and embarrassing lack of integrity from soon-to-be former Senator Joe Donnelly?

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel talk Donnelly’s ‘no’ vote with legal expert Abdul-Hakim Shabazz in the clip below. Check it out, then immediately donate to Mike Braun’s campaign.