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The last few weeks—well really the last few years—have been replete with charges, allegations, innuendos and an occasional fabrication of assault.  And for a thousand years the word has been identified as “an unconsented to and unprivileged touching (actually, when the contact is made it becomes a battery), a rude or insolent touching.  Anyway, it means doing something to someone else’s physical body.

It has been, in more modern and even postmodern times, a word that seems to have been taken over by that one variety of assault that includes some kind of sexual feature, from groping to clothing tugs all the way to rape.  But whether or not the perpetrator does a little or a lot, it has become the one and most visible, volatile and devastating crime of its kind at least in the public eye.

So look for a second at what happens to the victim of an assault, sexual or otherwise.  Some are short and quickly over, while others can result in physical harm that mars and scars folks for life—if they live at all. 

If you have ever been beaten—and I have—it pretty much changes things from that time forward.  I can remember trying to come awake, trying to breathe after having the body pummeled, feeling the warm panic of knowing that’s your blood that is covering your face.  None of it is trivial, and the malice employed to do such things is as black hearted when it’s your head that’s torn up as it would be for any other part of your body.

We can remember when someone declared that, as though they had just figured it out, BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Remember how all was well with that sentiment until the rest of us discovered that all those activists who were burning buildings and killing cops actually meant that ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER.  The uninformed and naïve folks who tried to turn this fraud into a declaration about the precious nature of all people quickly learned that such a fine tenet of our civilization and certainly of the American experiment was clearly NOT, in this case, intended to include all other than the ones that look like them.  Period.      

All this is not to minimize, marginalize or ignore sexual violence; is by definition committed by a stronger foe against an exposed and vulnerable victim, in the vast majority of times a woman who is without the means or the physical strength to mount a defense or even to escape attack.  Unfortunately for the leftists who inhabit their own parallel universe, where there are no differences between the genders and no “upper hand” to the stronger versus the weaker, or at least the less capable of protecting themselves, life is different than their delusions. 

That brings us to self-protection.  When the 120 lb. woman is attacked in whatever manner or circumstance, by the man who’s 180, the disadvantage she faces evaporates quickly if she is armed.  The guarantee that came from Sam Colt provided the equalizer that permitted the smaller, weaker person instantly to gain one hundred pounds of pure strength. 

Let’s consider this in closing—we are all in this life thing together, whether we like it or not.  And just as critical is the reality that the American Left is intent on continuing to divide us, on color, background, gender (chosen or natural) ethnicity and even age.  When their goons tell us that only certain lives matter, or that only certain victims of crime count, or—and this is the part they continue to attempt to conceal—only some folks’ faith, belief system or mores are worthy of note, it is crucial that we see these calumnies for what they are.

So whatever we espouse as true and virtuous and whatever we hold most dear, there is a legion of adversaries whose aims are in no way respectful of all other lives, committed to all other victims of violent crime, or embracing of all mankind’s religious faith.  That, my friend is the definition of chaos.