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With 13 days left to go in the Indiana race for Senate, Republican candidate Mike Braun has edged ahead of Democrat incumbent Joe Donnelly, according to two separate polls.

Mike Braun joined WIBC host Tony Katz in-studio Wednesday morning to discuss the latest polling data and where his campaign will direct their efforts in the final sprint to November 6.


“It’s been a long journey. I thought I had a good plan when I entered into the primary. Now here in the main event, I knew the Democrats would be prepared, and we can see how they kind of litigate their campaigns based on negativity – just like they did in the Kavanaugh hearings. But I don’t think we could have done anything much differently, and I’m going to work hard right through the finish line.”

Braun told Tony he will serve no more than two terms if elected to the U.S. Senate.

“I would run no more than two terms, and if I can’t see impact after being there six years, I will trot back to southern Indiana.”

…”I think we do not send the ‘creme of the crop’ to D.C.  We’ve got to get people there that have actually done things in the real world or we’re going to have the same dynamic.”

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