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GOSHEN, Ind. — The trail had gone cold in the murder investigation of Goshen College professor James Miller from 2011, that’s until today.

Elkhart County prosecutor Vicki Elaine Becker announced to today that an arrest had been made in the case. 

His name is Winston Earl Corbett, a 23-year-old man from Goshen, who was 16 at the time when Becker said he broke into Miller’s home and murdered him during a struggle when Miller confronted him. Miller’s wife Linda was seriously injured, but survived the encounter.

Becker explained in the announcement that is was thanks to advances in science that led to Corbett’s arrest.

“The problem is science hadn’t caught up to where we are today,” Becker said. “Now that we have been able to identify some of the information located at the crime scene we have been able to move forward. Definitive results were received this morning from the state police laboratory.”

Which points to DNA, but Becker would not confirm that that was what was found at Miller’s home. 

The investigation is still ongoing, according to Becker. She said Corbett will be charged with murder and attempted murder by Friday.

(PHOTO: sakhorn38/Thinkstock)