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INDIANAPOLIS—The wacky waving inflatable arm man Joe Donnelly, flailing outside the front door at Newfields may have been one of the few different features of the final U.S.Senate Debate, hosted by the Indiana Debate Commission, and underwritten by the Indy Chamber.

But, the candidates did answer questions about the birthright citizenship issue the president has been talking about.

“How this should be handled is by the Congress,” said incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly (D). He said he would look at possible legislation.

Republican challenger Mike Braun said he would also wait and see, adding he believes politicians in DC have been there too long.

“King George is gone. We’re not replacing him with King Trump,” said Libertarian Lucy Brenton. 

Braun said he believes we should stress legal immigration, but added that the proposed border wall is an answer to illegal immigration. He attacked Donnelly, for not voting with Pres. Trump on most issues.

Brenton said giving money for coming into our country is not positive.

Donnelly said he was one of the ten Democrats who worked with Trump on the border wall. He said he also supports legal immigration.


Health care

Brenton said government should be removed from the health care equation.

“We’ve got to take that level of administration out of it,” she said.

Donnelly and Braun repeated their attacks on each other, saying each man refuses to support mandating pre-existing conditions coverage.


Contraceptive Coverage

Donnelly said it is included in the Affordable Care Act, which he voted for. That led to their positions on abortion. Donnelly said he’s pro life, but would allow for abortion in the case of rape or incest.

Braun said Donnelly wants it both ways, but said he is solidly pro life.

Brenton said, “I have ten children, so the concept of contraceptives is something I’m definitely interested in.”

She said Hoosier common sense dictates contraceptives should be available and affordable.


Balancing the federal budget

Braun said sending someone back who he says is partly responsible for the deficit would be wrong.

“Anybody who’s been there does not deserve a health care plan or a federal pension,” said Braun.  

Brenton said the answer is abolishing the Federal Reserve and the interest that is being paid by taxpayers.

Donnelly accused Republicans of providing tax cuts for the wealthy. He said growing the GDP will work better than tax cuts.

The election is Tuesday, Nov. 6. Until then you may see the three campaigning or more of their ads on TV.

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PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis