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Author and psychic Dr. Bruce Goldberg says he’s been communicating with the dead since the age of 4, and Wednesday morning, Goldberg took time out of his busy psychic schedule to call into the Chicks on the Right.

According to Goldberg, connecting with the dead is hit or miss.

“I’ve never been able to turn it off; it just keeps happening very frequently, but randomly. I can control it better now, but I put it on the back burner for a while. 

But a few years ago a friend of mine died and came to me in a vision to encourage me to move forward and embrace this gift. And I don’t always connect with the person I’m trying to reach, but it’s amazing that you get anything at all when you think about it.”

Goldberg put his powers to the test during a reading with in which he attempted to contact Daisy’s dead Grandmother. How did it go? Well…

(Side note: Why don’t psychics ever connect with people who are in hell?)