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(Mandel Ngan/Getty Images)

CNN’s most obnoxious narcissist, Jim Acosta is free to disrupt White House press briefings once again.

A Federal judge granted CNN’s request for a court order that would temporarily reinstate Acosta’s White House press pass, which had been suspended indefinitely in the wake of Jimbo’s most recent antics. 

“I want to thank all of my colleagues in the press who supported us this week, and I want to thank the judge for the decision he made today,” Acosta said outside U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

“Let’s go back to work!” he added.

BACK to work? That would be refreshing in light of the fact that Mr. Acosta seems far more interested in grandstanding and delivering angry liberal monologues than he is in actually doing the work of a legitimate journalist.

WIBC host Tony Katz had a unique reaction to the Acosta ruling Friday: he’s suing CNN! Click the link below to hear Tony’s rationale for his landmark lawsuit, which will undoubtedly be thrown out of court on day one.