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The city of Nashville, TN was awarded an Amazon facility projected to create 5000 jobs. The online retail giant is planning what would be its fifth facility in the region. The existing operations employ about 2,700 full-time workers.

WIBC Tony Katz wonders why a city like Indianapolis wasn’t awarded the factory.

“The city of Indianapolis doesn’t have leadership; it doesn’t have a force of will. Now maybe Indianapolis dodged a bullet. Yeah, it would have been a lot of jobs, but it would have created some very clear problems and required the taxpayers to make concessions that set a precedent, which will have consequences down the road.

Now maybe we didn’t get the facility because of the weather. Maybe it’s because Indianapolis has a state income tax and Nashville does not. Nashville is also thought of as a place that is hipper and more fun. But you know what it needs? It needs more arts. 

But out local government thinks the thing to do to attract young people and grow the city is the Redline.” 

Click the link below to hear Tony’s full breakdown on what it takes to grow a city into a tourist and corporate destination: