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INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis City-County Councilor Christine Scales said Monday that she will not seek re-election. 

Scales, who is in her third term as 3rd District Representative, did not give a specific reason as to why she will not seek a fourth term on the council.

In a statement, Scales said, “I am proud of my record of passionate persistence in finding solutions to District problems. 

During my 3 terms as a Councillor, I have worked as a team alongside citizens, business owners and city administrators to produce positive changes in the District.”

Scales said that one of her goalsshe set out to accomplish in her first term was the demolition of Keystone Towers, a vacant 15-story apartment complex located at 46th and Allisonville Road.

Her goal became reality in 2011, when the towers were torn down and replaced with “high quality, affordable apartments”, Scales said.

Councilor Scales said she “values the relationships formed with the great people of District 3” and “thanks them for giving me the opportunity to work on their behalf.”