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Oh, you precious liberal finger-waggers and moral elitists, you’re so extraordinarily cute with your judgement and tears for the suffering of immigrants at the border… as long as there is a Republican in the White House, that is. 

Liberals, progressives, Democrats, and other persons of questionable logic and mental stability have been on a non-stop cry-fest over President Donald Trump’s strong border enforcement policies, but it was the decision to use pepper spray on migrants who were attempting to climb the border wall and pelt U.S. agents with rocks that really got their non gender-specific undies in a twist.

The problem – one of many – with our delightful sideshow attractions on the left is their blatant hypocrisy (or willful ignorance) – especially when it comes to their judgement on the Trump administration versus the eight disastrous years under Obama. 

From The Hill:

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said Tuesday night that tear gas and pepper balls were regularly used to repel migrants rushing the U.S. border by the Obama administration without outrage coming from some circles of media.

“It turns out this has been going on for some time,” said Hume, a former ABC News White House correspondent, to Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum. “One specific incident, Martha, was November 27th, 2013, when at that very same entrance point and at San Ysidro on the Mexican border near San Diego, a group of migrants rushed the border, and were repealed with teargas and pepper balls in the same way that the group was over this weekend. And I don’t remember it received any national attention.”

That’s right sky screamers, your beloved Emperor Obama did the exact same thing during his reign as the worst President in American history. 

Tuck that little piece of inconvenient trivia in your very bad place and absorb it. Don’t fight it; just relax and accept. There you go!

The Chicks on the Right elaborate in the following clip: