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(Photo: Beech Grove City Schools)

Matt English, the athletic director at Beech Grove High School passed away Monday morning after a long battle with brain cancer. Monday afternoon, Mike Renfro, who is currently serving as acting head coach of the boys basketball team, joined the Hammer and Nigel show to share his memories of working with Coach English and the legacy he leaves behind.


“He was a brother, father and mentor that we all looked up to. He had such an impact – not just on myself – but on the kids here at Beech Grove High School and the entire community. He was just an outstanding, loyal person to be around and such a great man.”

“…If you could compare a guy to Superman, Matt English would be the closest thing to it. Even when he was in the midst of his treatments with the radiation and chemo, the first thing he wanted to do was get in for practice.”

Renfro was handed the difficult task of sharing the news with the team that Coach English had passed away this morning.

“You know, I pulled the boys into the locker room at 8am this morning, and you just try to talk with them and shed some light on everything that’s happened. And what Coach would want as well, I can hear him saying ‘You guys better not be sad; you’d better get out there and practice.’ 

It was tough, but I know Coach would want us to put the hard hat on and get to work; that’s the Matt English way.”

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