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(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Democrat Nancy Pelosi – The Gal Who Would be Speaker of The House (again) – is adamantly opposed to a government shutdown.

Why? Because it would be terrible! It would be devastating! It would be super-duper bad awful! 

Oh wait… a Government shutdown can be avoided if Democrats simply fund the Trump border wall? Well, hot dawg! Nancy Pelosi is suddenly all gung-ho for a government shutdown!

You see, Democrats are all for toeing the party line, but not so much for that whole logic and common sense thing. In the case of the border, they’d rather get their way and hurt Americans on two fronts than come to a compromise with a President they despise.

All this week, we’ve heard Nancy Pelosi incessantly belly-ache about the “devastation” of a government shutdown, but she’s totally willing to shut the government down in order to facilitate the continued flooding of illegal immigrants across our southern border. 

The person of logic and common sense says, “Hey, let’s fund the wall. No one gets hurt from a shutdown, and no one gets hurt by an criminal illegal immigrant who crosses the porous southern border and later commits a crime against an American citizen!”

That’s right; two wins, no waiting!

Ah, but no one ever accused a Democrat of being logical… or reasonable… or of lasting benefit to anything connected to our system of government.

As for Nancy Pelosi, she’ll opt to lose on the shutdown if that’s what it takes to win on the border wall – even if it means the American people wind up losing on both fronts.

WIBC host Tony Katz weighed-in on the potential of a government shutdown and Nancy Pelosi’s stance against the border wall in today’s Popcorn Moment. Click below to check it out!