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(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Hoo-boy. Another liberal keyboard warrior with Trump Derangement Syndrome received a ‘welfare check’ from the Secret Service this weekend.

Agents stopped by the Texas moron’s home and confronted her over comments she made about President Trump online. 

In the video, you can hear her telling her nephew in the background, “I made comments online so the Secret Service came to my door with a SAPD that works with them.”

Perhaps at this point in our story you’re wondering what this fine, upstanding citizen said?  Answer: “Can someone shoot the fool between the eyes…” on Facebook.

So you can understand how the Secret Service might be interested in speaking with the gal.

Throughout the video, the unhinged woman argues about her right to freedom of speech and repeatedly asks if she has committed a crime.

Regrettably, the agents elected NOT to taser the woman and beat her with a billy club. 

The woman continues with her belligerent attitude and disrespectful comments throughout the video before ultimately telling the agents she would not answer any further questions until speaking with her attorney.

Um.. Yeah, she has an attorney. No, seriously. He represented her in a personal injury lawsuit with Walmart… and Macy’s… and Burger King… and McDonalds… and the city of San Antonio… and Houston… and Austin…

The video ends with the old gal slamming the door in the agents’ faces. Again, we regrettably report that the agents elected NOT to kick her door down and arrest her.

View the video evidence that proves 90{e7d922e47e34c22374416105a5e46a14ff533ce17ed8ca0dee5410286f8ee502} of all Democrats are deranged, then enjoy the Chicks on the Right taking this ‘lady’ down a few pegs: