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STATE WIDESome of the coldest temperatures in the state were in South Bend this morning, where it was at 13 below zero at 4:30. Lafayette was at -7, while Kokomo was at -5. It was 1 in downtown Indianapolis. The further south, the warmer the temperature. Evansville was at 14 this morning.

“We have a wind chill warning in effect until 1 o’clock Thursday afternoon,” said Meteorologist Stephanie Mead. “This is gonna be a prolonged period of colder temperatures.” The warning covers the northern two thirds of the state.

The National Weather Service said a -41 wind chill was reported in Lafayette. A -50 wind chill was reported in Gary.

Mead said though there is a chance for some flurries, most of Indiana will see sunshine.

Doctors are warning people about the dangers of frostbite, which can happen quickly in extreme cold.

“The biggest thing to protect yourself from frostbite is to stay out of the cold as best you can, especially with the temperatures we have coming the next two days,” said Dr. Roma Patel, an emergency medicine physician at IU Health.

She said if you do have to be outside, layer up.

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis