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(Joe Sohm/Getty Images)

Indianapolis developer John Schmitz says homelessness, roads, and crime are the three main issues that mean the most to him, and it’s why he’s running as an independent candidate for Mayor of the city of Indianapolis in 2019.

“In my administration, we’d be working on the roads. I’d start tomorrow if I could. We’d be out fixing some stuff,” Schmitz told WIBC host Tony Katz.

Schmitz also expressed his dissatisfaction with the Hogsett administration as a motivating factor behind his candidacy.

“I just think our city can do better. We need some solid leadership that has experience in both building, management, planning, and vision. I feel like I can bring that for this city,” Schmitz said. 

Schmitz, a long-time Indianapolis resident and business owner, acknowledges that his campaign is facing financial challenges in the race for Mayor.

“We have about $5,000 in the bank, which is pretty much what I started with. I loaned the campaign $5,000 and then we’ve raised the money to get us to this point,” Schmitz said. 

Current Mayor, Democrat Joe Hogsett, has raised millions of dollars for his re-election campaign. 

“The question I would pose to Joe Hogsett is ‘Why don’t we take your campaign money and put it into this homeless initiative your wanting to fund and go mono e mono, see about the issues, and who can get this done right?’ Let’s see who the people really trust without money,” Schmitz said.

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