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American heartthrob, teen idol, and the world’s youngest grumpy old fart is “Off The Rails” and off the Trump train once again.

President Donald Trump appears likely to accept an agreement that would prevent a second government shutdown, but provide just a fraction of the money he’s been demanding for a wall along the southern border. 

As expected, WIBC host Rob Kendall is pissed.


“Trump lied to the people. Nobody held a gun to his head and made him have that press conference with Pelosi and Schumer saying, ‘I’ll shut down the government!’

He did it on his own. He spent the last four years touring the country with rallies saying build the wall; he made it his signature issue. He could have gotten this deal three months ago; he could have got it a year ago; he could have gotten a better deal when he had control of the House and Senate, so he failed!

…And let’s not forget that he turned down a deal when he could have gotten every penny he wanted in exchange for giving the DACA people being given citizenship. We all know those people are going to be legalized eventually anyway. This is a much worse deal than that! At least with that he got the border security. With this, he got 55 miles! That’s worse than Bush got!” 

Click the link below to hear more of Rob working himself into a full froth and nearly suffering a brain aneurysm.