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It’s time for conservatives to consider a change to their hardline stance on the death penalty, according to Dale Brumfield of Conservatives Concerned About The Death Penalty. 

Speaking with WIBC host Tony Katz at the 2019 CPAC, Brumfield cited several examples of inefficiency and bias in the system, arguing that the complicated process is an enormous drain on government resources.

“Republicans and conservatives should be outraged by the enormous costs that are incurred when [the state] seeks a death sentence against someone,” Brumfield told Katz. “It costs more to seek a death penalty conviction against someone than it does to put that person in prison for life.”

Brumfeld also argues that the death penalty does nothing to deter criminals, nor does it keep us safer.

“We know it’s not a deterrent; we have the highest rates of murder in states that have the death penalty,” said Brumfeld, adding that murder is a “crime of passion” than in “many” cases is motivated by mental illness.

Brumfeld also worries that wrongly convicted persons are being sentenced to death.

“An innocent person frequently gets ensnared into this corrupt process.”

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