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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — The wife of the firefighter shot and killed last week in Evansville is charged with obstruction of justice.

Police say they do not have a person of interest in the case of who shot Robert Doerr to death, but they arrested Becky Fox Doerr affter she admitted to police that she deleted a phone call between the time Doerr was shot and police began their investigation.

It’s not clear what the phone call was about. Doerr was arrested and taken to jail the same night her husband’s funeral was held.

Neighbors say they had just gotten married last September. One neighbor told 44News in Evansville that they could hear the couple argue from time to time but never thought anything serious of it.

Doerr’s murderer has still not been caught. He was a 28-year veteran of the Evansville fire department.

(PHOTO: Vanderburgh County Jail)