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MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Humvees for the U.S. Army are made in only one place in the United States, the AM General Plant in Mishawaka.

For the first time, the Secretary of the Army, Dr. Mark Esper, toured the facility Thursday. He said it’s imperative that he understand where the Army’s tools come from and how he can help to make them better moving forward.

“The humvee is a very capable light truck. It’s one of many tools in the tool kit,” Esper said. “We’re going to have 100,000 light trucks in the Army for some time to come. Humvees will be a big part of that fleet so I need to make sure we keep that robust industrial base.”

Esper, who toured the facility with Indiana Rep. Pete Visclosky (D), went onto say the the Army is in a “Renaissance” or sorts when it comes to the technology it uses and the Army is looking to outfit many of the humvees it needs with this new tech.

“The ability to operate autonomously or semi-autonomously, those are capabilities we want to build going forward,” Esper added. 

To date, nearly 250,000 units, whether it’s humvees or other military vehicles, have been produced at the AM General Plant in Mishawaka. 

(PHOTO: Delil Souleiman/Getty Images)