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According to the Indianapolis City-County Council, car travel in Downtown Indianapolis has become so littered with crashes that – in our best interest – we need a mandated 28-percent in speed reduction. In addition, new parking meter hours are necessary to increase revenue in countering the aggressive panhandling problem.

So driving downtown is now increasingly difficult, as the speed limit reduction and new parking meter hours are officially in effect. Let’s take a quick look.


The new 25 mph hour speed limit – down from 35 mph – encompasses Mile Square and beyond in Downtown Indianapolis:

25 mph

The perimeter includes everything in between the following streets:

  • North to south: 11th Street/Oscar Robertson Boulevard/10th Street TO I-70.
  • West to east: White River Parkway W. Dr. TO I-65.


parking ticket

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We have brand spankin’ new parking meter hours for downtown Indianapolis. If you park in a metered space, you’ll have to pay between the hours from 7am to 11pm, a two hour difference from the previous 7pm cutoff point. This goes for ALL of Indianapolis, not just downtown.

Sunday is still free, for now.

Parking tickets are 20 dollars. The revenue goes towards programs to combat aggressive panhandling, which continues to be problematic and is actually getting worse. During the winter, panhandlers could be spotted on the eastern spoke of Monument Circle dealing and using drugs in public.

The money will also go to the Department of Public Works to pump up street sweeping efforts.

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