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(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is back on board with watered down hate crimes legislation, but rest assured he could change his mind again at any moment.

The Hoosier state took another step toward passage of a revised hate crimes bill Monday as the Indiana House voted for an amendment that goes further than the Senate version but not as far as many supporters  – including Holcomb – wanted.

A judge could consider in sentencing whether the offense was committed with bias based on a victim’s or group’s “perceived characteristic, trait, belief, association or other attribute the court chooses to consider,” under the amendment to Senate Bill 198 adopted by the House.

Governor Holcomb said in a statement:  “I support and appreciate the action taken by the House today. This measure covers all forms of bias crimes and treats all people equally. Now we need to make sure we get to the finish line and move Indiana off the list of states without a bias crimes law.”

WIBC host Tony Katz sharply opposes hate crimes legislation, telling listeners that, “You don’t need hate crimes legislation to prove that you’re a good, kind, decent kind of place.”

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